Tribute to Pete Eneh

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  • Saturday, 17 November 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • I was in deep shock when I got the news of Pete’s sudden death, my heart pricked as my veins tightened. Death is inevitable but sometimes life can be prolonged. Pete was admitted for over 3-months, but after amputation was performed on him, he gave up the ghost. Social pundits have blamed his demise on the negligence of our medical practitioners; Since I don't have any credible sources of what happened next after the amputation, I'm not going to go off quickly vent my rant on the nurses and doctors, rather I'm going to keep my calm and wait for an autopsy report. (I really hope there's one)

    Tribute To Pete Eneh
    Image Credit: Ladun Liadi
    If you're asking yourself "who the hell is Pete Eneh," you'd better step back and re-evaluate your life right now. Pete is a man's man, the kind of man you read about in the bible. A man who came from a time when beating your wife was not only socially acceptable, but encouraged (not that I'm saying spousal abuse is right, I'm just saying that sometimes she deserves it). Pete was right there when Nollywood was no where near the definition of a movie industry but a haven for production of films far less than those best described as utter garbage.

    Despite the critics and failure of the industry to grow, Pete did his thing, his charisma was top notched, his fatherly role was definite and posed a wizardry deposition. A rare gem is gone and Nollywood has suffered another catastrophic blow.

    RIP Pete, surely you would be missed.

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