Maybe It's Fair And Logical To Say The Amalgam of 1914 Was Built On Falsehood

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  • Friday, 16 November 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • Every new day that emerges constantly leaves Nigeria more terrified than ever. With the unfolding events in the last fifty years, Nigeria's destiny is imminent. Imminent because the foundation of Nigeria was built on British parochial interest.

    Maybe It's Fair And Logical To Say The Amalgam of 1914 Was Built On Falsehood
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    The foundation of a thing determines how far it can stand the test of time. Nigeria has failed to stand as a true nation because nothing built on falsehood ever stands, hence the collapse of the so called giant of Africa. It will continue to be in futility, forcing over 400 ethnics group with different ideologies to exist as a single entity against their own tendencies.

    Perhaps, the British knew very well that this was an impossible mission, but because they wanted to propose a new theory, probably to add to the lists of British achievements in terms of theories and hypothesis, they decided to forge ahead with the Nigeria experiment, using Lord Lugard as an arrow head.

    The outcome of the experiment led to the falsehood amalgam of 1914 which further resulted in Nigeria becoming sterile in all ramifications-nothing works! Alas! Fifty years is enough for sterile mind to regain consciousness, otherwise such mind, such nation will never recover.

    The reason is not far fetched, as a fool at forty will forever be a fool. Fifty years down the road, the Lord Lugard "ragbag" has remained a shadow of itself. The only way out of this logjam is to revisit the falsehood amalgam of 1914.

    While I was wondering if it was necessary for Gen. Buhari to still tussle for the Presidential seat, I was seen as a betrayal of one Nigeria, but logically and realistically if eventually his wishes are meant, it would be insanity to expect different result when there is repetition of the same process, same old and discredited political philosophies that has made many critics believe Nigeria as a nations draws the entire world backwards.

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