7 inFAMOUS Quotes From The Presidential Media Chat

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  • Sunday, 18 November 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • President Goodluck Jonathan Today, the 18th day of November 2012 held a media chat with high profile journalists, he gave an insight on the state of the nation and highlighted some notable points.

    7. "Manitoba contract has not been revoked but the contract did not follow due process" - President Goodluck Jonathan.

    President Jonathan answers questions on Power reforms, He was asked what led to the termination of Manitoba's contract?

    Presidential Media Chat
    6. "I never promised to reduce poverty, I promised to create wealth" - President Goodluck Jonathan.

    The President tackles questions on poverty eradication

    5. "Budget for food for the State House is not for the President, Vice President and their families. – Goodluck Jonathan. "

     President Jonathan answering questions in relation to the N1 Billion feeding expenditure inserted in the budget.

    4. "I eat two times a day and my food are not expensive food" – President Goodluck Jonathan.

    The President takes a jibe at the journalists, insisting that his food is cheap.

    3. "Before the middle of next year, we would have stable electricity in Nigeria – President Goodluck Jonathan.

    President Jonathan talks on power supply and it's stability, re-echoing fresh hope to millions of Nigerians.

    2.  "Let me re-assure you that our country is moving...we have our challenges but there is progress" - President Goodluck Jonathan.

    The President giving an insight on the state of the nation.

    1.  "There is no dialogue between the Government and Boko Haram" - President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Contrary to various media reports suggesting a dialouge between government and Boko Haram was in progress, the President took time to rubbish the credibility of such information.

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