Police Detained 7-Months Old Baby for 7-Days

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  • Monday, 19 November 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • While crimes of great magnitude are being committed in broad day light, the police decided to turn their attention to unlawfully arresting and detaining a 7-months old child for 7-days. The boy, Uchenna Nwoye, his parents and two other persons were arrested and detained by the Police in Onitsha over N20,000 debt owned by the parents.

    Image CREDIT:  ebaumsworld

    23-years old Mrs. Ukamaka Nwoye and mother of the detained child had this to say: 

    "on November 7, at about 2:30am, wewere all asleep when suddenly some policemen came into our compound, broke our door and forced their way into our house and arrested us, including my 7 MONTHS OLD BABY. They took us to their bus and whisked us away to a place we later discovered to be Fegge Police station, Onitsha.

    "They denied us the opportunity to call any of our relations. It was one of the Policemen who saw how my child was almost suffocating inside the cell that secretly helped me to call one of my brothers and told him where we were being detained. We spent seven days in detention."

    I wonder when all these bizzare  things would come to an end.

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