Jungle Justice: 3 Uniport Students Burnt to Death

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  • Friday, 5 October 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • It is a shame that barbarism still exists in this part of the world, in as much as justice must be served it doesn't have to be in the most callous way.

    uniport students burnt alive
    Img Credit: oversabirepublic
    They have been unconfirmed reports that three Uniport students were burnt alive inside the university premises for allegedly stealing and terrorizing occupants of the off-campus community.

    The boys met their waterloo in the early hours of today, 5th October, 2012, they were beaten with clubs, sticks an brooms before the angry mob placed tires across their neck and set them ablaze.

    The university authority is yet to release a statement to this disgraceful incidence but I will keep my fingers crossed and see as well as reports how things windsup.


    UPDATE: 10/5/2012

    The figure has been confirmed to be 4-students and the incidence actually took place in Aluu community as opposed to earlier university premises update.

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