FG to Introduce Four Airlines Next Year

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  • Monday, 15 October 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • Since the devastating DANA air-crash which left hundreds of people dead, the Federal Government has been working on series of restructuring plans to prevent the re-occurrence of such a disaster.
    FG to Introduce Four Airlines Next Year
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    One of the major effects of such plans is to ensure that the market which operates in high monopoly for domestic flights sees a dramatic change to that effect. Four new additional airlines are to be registered by The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and should start operation next year. 

    Nigerians pay the highest airfares in the world. Experts suggest that opening the market to more investors would see a plummeted price tag. Overall, domestic flights would be enhanced reason being the competition that would arise.

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