Uniport Jungle Justice: “We Buried Our Boy In The Forest”- Family

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  • Monday, 8 October 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • Just like the tower of Babel came crumbling when God visited them with different languages, nemesis has caught up with the suspects of the bastardly brutality given to four students of Uniport. The names of the inocent students are given as Ugonna, Llyod, Elkannah and Chidiaka.

    The sneer brutality displayed the backwardness of the Nigeria nation and further raises the question about our glorified civility. I condemned the disgraceful act and insist that true justice must prevail on this incidence.
    Uniport students burnt alive
    Img Credit: oversabirepublic

    Close family source of Elkannah Tekena who asked for anonymity explained how still shocked and horrified the entire family was before later revealing that Elkannah had be buried two days ago after undergoing extensive stitches to his burnt and severely battered body.

    “Yes, he’s been buried.” The family member confirmed, “We recovered his body and we stitched it the best we could… It’s shocking the amount of brutality he and those boys endured. His body was beaten beyond repair, but yes, we’ve buried him.”

    When asked about details of the burial, the source within the family continued, “We’re from Kalio Ama in Okirika Local Government Area, and in our custom, if you have endured the brutality, injuries and violence Elkannah endured, your body cannot be buried in town. So our 19-yr old boy was taken across and deep into the forest to be buried.”

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