Re: Jungle Justice: 3 Uniport Students Burnt to Death

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  • Sunday, 7 October 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • While I was quick to label the cannibals who had the guts to set humans onfire over reports which suggested theft, I could hardly hold my tears when I got this PM, that the guys who were set ablaze were actually not criminals but normal and law-abiding citizens of Nigeria. Jungle Justice, no matter what, is the most arrogant of irrational thinking by humans and it is rather unfortunate that it still exists in Nigeria. I want the Police to quickly step-up their investigation on this issue and bring perpetrators of this bastardly and cowardly act to book.

    uniport students set ablaze not criminals
    Img Credit: oversabirepublic
    The PM Reads; "Ugonna has been complaining to his father that his house in school was being invaded all the time by robbers so he doesn’t sleep there. He had a friend in the community that he spends the night with. Himself and his roommate were coming back from where they went to spend the night when they met their other friends Chiadika and Lloyd so they decided to go together. On their way, Lloyd said that he needed to collect his money from someone who was owing him. In the cause of collecting his money, the whole situation went bizzare and turned into a fight. The guy who was owing them started screaming and the vigilante group was alerted and they thought they were the criminals disturbing the community since they were more in number than the guy they went to collect their money from. that’s the real story, no laptops or phone or cultism involved. Those guys were homely and they were all christains. Also their parents are very comfortable and provides them with everything they needed"

    I am pretty much ashamed and irritated by the people who stood and even took photshots of this incidence. This is the 21st centaury and I really think this should not be happening, not at this point of our civility. I hope vengeance of the dead torments those responsible for this disgraceful act.

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    1. This country has alot of things to worry about. How many times have I read about Jungle Justice in Nigeria. This is a big shame, Our National orientation agency has no use. it should be scrapped. We need awearness.

      Eitherway, my condolence to the victim families...

    2. May †ђξ Lord have mercy!


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