Against Jungle Justice: Aluu Community of Barbarians

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  • Tuesday, 9 October 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • I screamed Jungle Justice, my heart pricked as I glanced through images of the gruesome murder of innocent Nigerian students. I could hardly imagine of thing like this, especially at a moment when we had just celebrated 52-years of independence and perhaps many years of democratization and civilization.

    There is no denying the fact that these kind of barbaric and irrational activity have been happening in other parts of Nigeria, they have been reports but not so publicized as the Aluu disaster. God be grateful to social media, as it has exposed the diabolic nature of a people so graciously accepted by Nigeria.

    I watched the video today. Glad I can stand the sight of extreme gory views. But yet, I was more shaken at the ultra-extreme cruelty and diabolic nature of a man's heart. I wondered.. If it was one of their sons being brutalized, would they just gather and watch?.
    Against Jungle Justice In Nigeria
    Image Credit: PicMix

    What broke my heart completely and forced tears down my eyes was the voice of a woman saying 'kill am, dat one neva die'.. For the first time in 8-years, I remembered I could cry, not that I am above tears, at least I am not yet in my thirties, but it was pathetic, crazy, bizarre and wicked to see a gathering of people enjoying such an act capable of causing their extinction in other parts of the world.

    Nigeria as a nation really need to re-define her path, TV jingos preaching Good People Great Nation is a total waste of public funds and not enough to address the irrationality of Nigerians. Jungle Justice, no mater what, is no alternative to standard justice, most of the time, innocent citizens are victims of such discredited form of justice.

    Law enforcement agencies must stop being frivolous and should for once be challenged by this show of shame. We deserve much better than this, even animals are not treated this way. My heart goes out to everyone connected to the victims and hope God provides the grace and strength to bear this irreparable loss.

    I want all social media pundits and bloggers not to give up on this case, we must continue to stand together as one to push the Government of this nation which is naturally known for its corruption to rise up and prove to the international community that we are not rags.

    If I travel out and I’m mocked because I'm a Nigerian, I won’t call it racism. We really deserve what we get. Words Fail Me As My Heart Still Bleeds.


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    1. God be blessed, your write-up is very touching and I could imagine how you felt from your writing. I was particulary shocked seeing the video my self. Mr. Goodluck really need to tell us what is happening.

      The last time it was 40 students in the North. This whole thing is getting boring..

    2. BIAFRA can nave diar the spirit of millions BIAFRANS dead must avenger their dead, no power can stop BIAFRA till entity.


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