Irresponsible NCC and the Corporate Scam of Nigeria Mobile Networks

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  • Wednesday, 14 November 2012
  • by
  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • I was in total shock and disbelief when I saw the MTN “Ultimate Wonder Promo” promising a grand prize of an airplane or its equivalent in cash plus N200 million other cash prizes for people who recharge a specified amount regularly.

    I could not imagine how things have gone from bad to worse in Nigeria, trash are being allowed to be dumped in Nigeria while the customs officers act blind, politicians are looting the treasury in the Billions, Lecturers now drive in Nissan Armanda, Hummer and Ferarri. Now our telecom corporations who naturally make billions daily have jumped into the huge corruption market in Nigeria, where subscribers are deceived to pay for a promo that is obviously a Scam. Ripping innocent Nigerians of their hard-earned money in broad-day light. What use is the Nigeria Telecommunication Commissions and other regulatory bodies if they cannot control irresponsible acts like this?

    The NCC is like a toot-less dog and government must re-channel tax-payers money used in servicing an agency that is completely redundant, sitting silently and watching telecom companies turn from their legitimate business of providing telecommunication services to providing scam lottery while the network continues to lag and suffer at best. I actually thought the Etisalat $1 million promo was the height, but MTN Nigeria has proved me wrong. This not only shows our weakness as a nation and the carelessness of our government, but an affront to our collective intelligence. I want to quickly advice the NCC to investigate MTN promotions in other countries, especially South Africa if such a thing exists. If a country like Benin Republic can expel MTN for poor services, it is hard to believe why Nigeria can’t checkmate telecommunication fraud.

    If the NCC is irresponsible, I can argue it to some extent that the NBC is far better that the NCC and could also act just the way they got rid of religious scams in the name of miracles and checkmating politician’s advertisement campaign during elections. NBC can force all TV media outfits to stop showing Telecommunication scam promotions until they have been verified by the NCC. If the NCC can’t verify and authenticate the promotions of the telecommunication, then obviously and sadly, they should be scrapped in the interest of national integrity.

    I can’t question the gullibility of Nigerians; I can’t imagine why Nigerians can fall for these cheap lies and deceit of these evil corporations. If this were to be a country where the citizens are very pro-active, MTN should have been sued a long time ago, and I believe our highly revamped and respected judiciary will give then the fist.  MTN Nigeria doesn’t even deserve a place in Nigeria.

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