Dear General Buhari, It is Not by Force to Rule Nigeria

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  • Wednesday, 14 November 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • While we were growing up, our teachers told us we should focus on our education because we are the leaders of tomorrow, at that time Buhari and IBB ruled this country with military domination and demanded unconditional obedience to their dictatorial leadership. Today, legion-years after, Buhari still sees the presidential seat as his birth-right, and I was wondering, it is either our teachers lied to us or tomorrow has not yet come.
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    I mean this is hilarious, the General still eyes 2015 Presidential election, what makes Buhari think he is the man that can lead a nation of over 150 million people to the promise land when he could not do it at the time Nigeria was far less in population and when Nigeria was not on the path to disintegration and total destruction? His government and the nation was in the face of the austerity measures, worsening economic conditions, and continued widespread corruption, Buhari was clueless on how to turn the tides, whey does he now think that the dis-credited philosophy that failed in his era would automatically become a magic in this time of our nascent democracy.. It is a know fact that it was Tunde Idiagbon  who ran the affairs of this nation while Buhari took the credit.

    I don't believe many people would support a man who truncated democratic governance; a system they presumed was incapable of governing a nation with so much diversity in ethnicity and tribalism. Buahri single handedly dashed the hopes of a democratic Nigeria to doom. Is it not cowardly to fight for a presidential seat under a democratic system when you fought against the actualization of that same system of government in Nigeria? And this for me is the sole reason why Bhuari cried on National TV. Perhaps, he realized that he made an unforgivable mistake and the law of karma has taken it course. You can never eat your cake and have it.

    Buhari had the opportunity to change the dynamics of this nation, to organize a credible election and handover power to a civilian duly elected by the ballot. But he went to sleep while Idiagbon was away on international duty and there was the bang! Gen. Babangida spare-headed a coup that ended his government giving birth to a retrogressive rulership of the Nigeria nation where corruption was the order of the day.

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    1 comment:

    1. Nigeria is like a football club when a coach sign a plyer
      some wil perform some wil be flop. So buhari's term
      has gone. If we're nt a fool it this country we shldnt be
      vote for any "ex" in this country we new facet of pple
      and we have many reasonable pple in this country and
      plz let us joined hand to discentralized the power,
      that's where the problem lies. All power belong to the
      fed govt, it's the federal govt that tckre electricity,
      transportation, education and so on infact we're mad in
      this country if lagos state want to have light until it get
      to abuja b4 any dicussion can take place. Break it into
      six or twelve.


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