Lesson 101 For Nigeria Politicians, Obama and Romney Meet At White House For Lunch

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  • Saturday, 1 December 2012
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  • Nosagie Nosa-Ero
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  • It's no secret that the current generation of Nigeria politicians are miles away from being diplomatic during and after a rivalry which see them use demented and over-the-line approach in bringing down their opponents. However, the scar remains when a party is declared the winner, the loosing and main opposition party automatically becomes a notorious enemy using the election petition tribunal to pursue a cause of action; most times it is the barristers and SAN's who end up being enriched by the paymaster as the case is strucked and thrown inside the trash-can.

    Lesson 101 For Nigeria Politicians, Obama and Romney Meet At White House For Lunch
    Image Credit: BBC
    I can argue it till eternity that our diplomatic failure isn't based on our democracy still being nascent, that conclusion is old and boring. If other African nations can conduct elections without political rivals engaging in damaging verbal stunts, then Nigeria simply has got no excuse. Afterall she is the glorified giant of Africa. When a situation especially one as delicate as an election becomes a "do or die" affair as one of Nigeria's ex-president best described the process, it would be insane not to understand why the political chemistry in Nigeria has remained in disdain.

    Very often when following the trend of an election in the west especially the United States, one becomes so amazed how political rivalry can be squashed immediately after the results are announced. This is done in national interest and to preserve national integrity. The loosing camp immediately initiates the process of conceding defeat and congratulates his opponents.

    Now, Three weeks after the election, Mitt Romney made it to the White House. It wasn't the start of a term as Romney had envisioned. But it was, at least, all on good terms with the man who defeated him, President Barack Obama.

    Reports suggested that  Obama and Romney had a private lunch on Thursday -  In the menus was some white turkey chili and Southwestern grilled chicken salad. They both ate and had conversation - a kind of conversation that never happens while two presidential nominees are bashing each other's ideas during a campaign.

    They shook hands in the Oval Office. They spoke of American leadership in the world. They pledged to keep in touch. Maybe even work together.

    That's it, the bang. I can only dream of when a report can be published in the media of how two political opponents sat and had lunch in Nigeria. Perhaps, it might not take a while before my doubts are cleared. 2015 can't come fast. 

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    1. Nigerian election is neva free and fair...balot box snatching,denyal of electorates 2 vote,use of corpers 2 thumb print booklets of vote cards, changin of result in inec office wit police & securities,wit even our learned university professors and lots of malpractices.....How wil candidates embrace fake,dubious,corupt and shameles winner...?


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